Transforming the way you receive healthcare
Digital solution for the elderly and caregivers. powered by industry standard AI and IoT technology, and a dedicated team.
Senior-friendly interface, designed for everyone
Our solution is curated for older patients with no learning curve beacuse we understand their unique needs.
Comprehensive health data collection
Securely collected data from speech recognition, AI chatbot, and wearables is analyzed with advanced machine learning models to create a visual and easy-to-monitor data for caregivers.
How it works
Connect with your caregiver with a simple one-time code
Get a detailed health report daily in just minutes
Connect with your caregiver anytime, anywhere
Be a part of the future of healthcare
You don’t have to search about your problems online anymore or travel to your doctor. Now get in touch with your caregiver from anywhere, get your medical checkup done with our technology and get diagnosed from the real person.
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We exist
change the future of healthcare
we believe healthcare should be accessible to all, even at the most difficult times
Are you a medical practitioner?
We welcome doctors, medical centers, hospitals and other caregivers to partner with us while we help you get started with Miia and reach more people in need.
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